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           Greater New York Dental Meeting 2011 

             New York, NY                
                 Our Senior Consultants will be attending the 2011
                 Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Jacob
                 Jatvis Conference Center, make an appointment
                 to discuss your project or share your thought with us.

           Greater New York Dental Meeting 2010 

             New York, NY

                Susan Smith, Senior Consultant, will be presenting to the 

                Dental Covention attendee at the Hyatt Hotel in New York, NY 

                on Nov 27, 2010.  The presentation,  Dental Office Technology 

                - Tools to Streamline Your Practice will be aimed at identifying 

                the most effective technology tools available in today's industry 

                to help make administrative and financial proceses more effective 

                and more efficient.

                 Nov 27, 2010  6:30pm-7:30pm


                 Hyatt  Hotel 

                 East 42nd St, New York City, USA  

                 (next to Grand Central Terminal)



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